About R-GIS.net

R-GIS.net has been created and maintained by Babak Naimi
R-GIS.net is a non-commercial website and aims to discuss spatial data handling and analysis in R.

What is R?

R ( a free and open-source software!) is a simple and effective programming language as well as an environment for analyzing data and graphical visualization. R is highly extensible and is developing rapidly. R programming language is designed to facilitate the development of new scientific computational tools. Scientists and researches have implemended thousands of specielized procedures for a wide variety of applications as contributed packages, which integrated directly into R.

R is a command line based program, can be installed on different operating systems (i.e. Windiws, Linux, and Mac). R console is the main user interface of R system. At the command prompt (> ) useres can enter the command and tell R what they want. However, different code editors and IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) have been developed which facilitates using R and writing codes (e.g. Tinn-R, Rstudio). I recommend Rstudio!  

In order to get you a quick start in R, I designed a tutorial (Quick R) based on a stepwise learning curve.