Quick R

Babak Naimi

This tutorial aims to get you started with R as quick as possible. It covers only necessary steps to start working with R and let you get familiar with the environment. There are a lot of resources available over the Internet which can be used to learn the R in a more precise way.

I designed a step-wise learning curve for which the following sections are created (under development):

The following presentation is a quick overview on what R can do using some examples in spatial domain. This presentation was part of my lecture for MSc students at ITC:



In order to go more deeply through learning R, you may find the following links useful:

  1. http://www.itc.nl/~rossiter/teach/lecnotes.html#R
  2. http://www.statmethods.net/
  3. http://www.fort.usgs.gov/brdscience/LearnRE.htm